Free card reset application

We are happy to provide this application, free of charge!



The purpose of the CardReset application is to enable Merchant Testcards’ customers to perform an online authorization on the cards, which resets a card’s offline counters, and to issue a PIN Unblock script, which re-activates offline PIN presentation on cards where the PIN was blocked.

Warning: the CardReset application should not be used with live, production bank cards, as such use can lead to the card being blocked or to the issuing bank identifying fraud attempts.



You can download the application here: download link 

You can download the installation and user's guide (pdf) or watch the video below.



The application should be run on a PC, and you will also need a USB smart-card reader, commonly known as PC/SC card reader:



This video shows the complete step-by-step process to install the CardReset application on a brand new Windows 10 machine, and how to use the application to reset the cards.